Young innovators to launch hardware laboratory in FCT

The Young Innovators of Nigeria (YIN), on Tuesday, said that efforts were on to launch a hardware laboratory in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to strengthen start-ups ecosystem.
Its Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Abu, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Abuja, that the launch of the laboratory was part of the group’s project for the year.
According to Abu, the hardware laboratory would provide the platform for young innovators a place to test-run their products.
“For us as a country to develop our start-ups ecosystem and build entrepreneurship, we must put in place laboratories for innovators to verify their products.
“This is why the Young Innovators of Nigeria are working to establish a hardware laboratory in the FCT by May.
“Every effort is in place; we are waiting for our hardware equipment to arrive, while we are also going to meet with our development partners to ensure their commitments,” Abu said.
Abu said that the lack of maintenance of such facilities in the country necessitated the coming together of the group to establish one.
According to him, the youths were the sole of innovators in the country.
He said there was aneed to develop the country’s economy through entrepreneurship and encouraging innovations.
Abu, however, called on the young innovators to be consistent in pushing their ideas and develop valuable products to drive the growth of the technology sector.
“An average Nigerian youth is a talented person. Our parents went for white collar jobs and it did not pay off.
“There are people averagely living on your income. The dependency ratio is huge, which makes it necessary for the youths to develop their ideas and talents.
“Young innovators should be consistent; they should be humble for mentorship; learn to collaborate and work in groups.
“The beginning is always difficult, but they need to work. The innovation curve is not a straight one; it’s cumbersome, hence the need to be persistent,” Abu said.

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