Yam exporters set to export another consignment yam to US and UK

The Chairman, Technical Committee on Yam Export, Simon Irtwang, on Tuesday, said yam exporters were finalising processes to export another consignment of yam in the first quarter.
Irtwang told journalists, in Lagos, that the consignment would also be for the United Kingdom and United States of America.
 According to him, the committee has been touring major yam markets, especially in the South-West, to inspect the quality of yams.
“Not all species of yam are good for export. So, yam farmers and traders need to know the species that are good for export.
“They also need to know how to select, store and preserve them to increase their freshness and ability to stay long without decaying.
“We also have to let yam farmers know the seed yams they will plant that will be good for export,’’ he said.
Irtwang said that the second export would not attract publicity as the flag-off had already been celebrated in 2017.
He said that the exporters and the technical committee were also mindful of the Export Prohibition Act.

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