“We Have Challenges, But Seperation Not the Solution,” says Omotola as he Unveils ‘Pro-Nigeria Group’ on June 12

In the recent days, Nigeria’s media space has been dominated with the activities of different separatist groups agitating for a break-up of Nigeria, expressing anger against wide-range of challenges in the country such as injustice, Kidnappings, banditry, insurgency, as well as terrible economic situations.
It is against this background that the Chairman of Center for Institutions Reform, CIRN Lai Omotola decided to launch a non-partisan platform known as ‘Pro-Nigeria Group, PNG to harp on the need for Nigeria to remain united and come together as one entity to find a solution to the myriad of challenges the country is facing at present instead of advocating for a break-up.
Omotola issued a Press Statement on Monday at group’s head office in Maryland Lagos where he explained the main mission and objectives of PNG which they will unveil on June 12
Although, the event was initially scheduled to hold on May, 29, the organisers decided to postpone it to June 12, the country’s Democracy Day. The new date is symbolic because it is in tandem with the message of the event which centers on united Nigeria.
Omotola also threw light on why they decided to form this apolitical group at this critical period in Nigeria.
Text of the Press Release
Considering the alarming rate in which agitations for seperation of Nigeria is springing up, there is an urgent need to raise a voice that strongly believes in the unity and corporate existence of the country.
The main objective of Pro-Nigeria Group, PNG is to stress the reasons why Nigeria should remain one irrespective of the current challenges bedevilling the entity that agreed to become one in January 1, 1914.
To achieve this congent mission, PNG will assiduously work towards reducing the menace of injustice which is fuelling the current agitations.
PNG is formed as a strong voice will ring the bell of oneness to all Nigerians irrespective of religion, ethnic or creed. PNG is a voice that is opposed to breaking of the country.
However, In advocating for a united Nigeria, will we like to pin-point that the voices of the agitators can no longer be underrated. It will be foolhardy for anyone to think that they are just wasting time.
The agitators’ grievances are genuine because their anger stems from perceived injustice in the land.
In addressing those grievances, PNG
will collaborate with all relevant stakeholders with a view to reducing perceived injustice fuelling agitations in Nigeria.
In as much as these problems stare at us at the face and snowballing into fear of hopelessness and Insecurity; we have gone too far to think that seperation is the solution. A popular adage says cutting off one’s head can never be a solution to the problem of headache.
The frequency and the speed of the agitators are increasing on daily basis; thus the voice of PNG needs to come up, believing that in hopelessness, we must have solution,
On May 29, we will unveil the agenda of the ‘Pro-Nigerian Group’ with the aim of unifying Nigeria and increasing human capacity,.
By Lai Omotola, Convener of Pro-Nigeria Group, PNG and the publisher of entrepreneurtv.ng

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