WAPIC unveils comprehensive Travel Insurance Product

WAPIC Insurance Plc has said it had launched a comprehensive Travel Insurance Product to cover unforeseen losses during international trips.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer,  Adeyinka Adekoya, told journalists in Lagos that the new product was pocket-friendly and hassle-free.

She said that ability to access pocket-friendly and sound travel insurance was critical for travellers to fully enjoy international trips with confidence and peace of mind.

She said WAPIC had observed over time that very little awareness on travel insurance and its benefits were created for travellers.

“This put travellers at a disadvantage, especially in cases of emergency during trips.

“From simple issues like check-in, baggage loss or complex issues like payment of medical bills on injury sustained while travelling and cost of repatriation in a worst case scenario,” she said.

She further explained that the company developed the product after a thorough investigation and engagement with key stakeholders.

“We are proud to address the issue of inaccessibility as the product is pocket-friendly.

“The pricing is based on duration of trip and destination, thereby accessible to a varied range of consumers,” she added.

Speaking on the spread of the product, she said the firm would ensure travellers’ access to the product was hassle-free.

She asserted that the sales of the product would be done directly to consumers through the firm’s digital platform.

She said the product’s sale would also be “through partnership with leading digital channels, travel agencies, airlines, and other agencies within the travel value chain.”

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