Takeover: Staff of Shoprite shut down more than 25 outlets in Nigeria

Shoprite members of staff  have embarked on a nationwide industrial strike action demanding proper information on staff benefits from interested investors who are about to acquire the Nigerian subsidiary of the South African retail outlet.
Acccording to the Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ), all 25 outlets of Shoprite in Nigeria have been shut down by workers.
The report revealed further that the workers embarked on industrial action over claims of sale of the retail company to Palms Mall owners, Tayo Amusan and Persianas Properties Limited, without appropriate information on the terms of the acquisition, and the impact of it on their contracts.
The nationwide strike action which has seen 25 outlets of the retail brand closed today have been said to be worsened inappropriate treatment of the company’s workers and issues related to the terms of their contract papers as many of them were to work with Shoprite South Africa until between 2035 and 2040.
Recall that the South African retailer, Shoprite International Limited in August 2020 signified intention to stop its operations in Nigeria.
Due to this development, it resolved to sell-off majority of its stakes in the retail units in Nigeria.

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