Perpetrators of fuel scarcity won’t go unpunished – Saraki

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has said the ongoing fuel scarcity in the country is man-made and that those responsible must pay the price for visiting needless hardship on Nigerians.
He made the statement on Tuesday while welcoming his colleagues back to the plenary from their three-week break.
“I am not unmindful of the sobering fact that the new year has kept many citizens in a reflective mood. Many were on the queue for petrol; many households are grief-stricken.
“This mood of reflection is also one from which no law-maker is immuned; what affects one, affects all. When one part of the body is hurting, the whole body hurts, and this holds true for the entire nation.
“We have all been witnesses to the hardships with which many Nigerians saw in the new year – stuck on fuel queues tailing from petrol stations in many of our cities.
“My own estimation of the fuel scarcity phenomenon is that it is man-made. We thought we had left the problem of fuel queues firmly in the past in this country, but sadly, that appears not to be the case,” he said.
Remarking that the 8th Senate had passed 140 bills, over a period of 30 months, he urged the lawmakers not be caught in the political fray as the 2019 electioneering period approached.

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