Nigeria’s total import stands at N9.56bn in 2017 – NBS

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) says the country’s total imports for 2017 stood at N9.56 billion,
The NBS stated this in a report posted on its website entitled: ‘‘Foreign Trade in Goods Statistics for Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017.’’
The bureau stated that the value for 2017 was 8.5 per cent lower than the 2016 trade import which valued at N8. 81 billion.
According to the report, imported agricultural goods (N227.4 billion) decreased by 1.7 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2017.
It stated that the value decreased in the quarter compared to third quarter (N231.4 billion) but increased by 15.9 per cent when compared to fourth quarter of 2016 (N196.2 billion).
“For 2017, imported agricultural goods increased by 35.09 per cent to N886.7 billion from N656.4 billion in 2016.
“The raw materials imports in fourth quarter 2017 (N279.4 billion) were 2.1 per cent lower than third quarter, 2017 value (N285.3 billion), and 2.7 per cent lower than fourth quarter of 2016 (N287.2 billion).”
Meanwhile, it stated that for 2017, the imported raw materials increased by 19.3 per cent to N1,128.3 billion from 945.7 billion in 2016.
The report noted that solid mineral imports grew by 5.19 per cent in fourth quarter, 2017 (N15.2 billion) over the third quarter, 2017 valued at N14.5 billion.
It stated that the value recorded in the third quarter, 2017 was 9.2 per cent over the value recorded in the fourth quarter of 2016 which was N13.9 billion.
For 2017, it stated that imported solid minerals increased by 372.2 per cent to N235.1 billion from N49.7 billion in 2016.
According to the report, energy goods imports grew significantly by 950 per cent in fourth quarter, 2017 valued at N138 million.
For 2017, it stated that imported energy goods increased to N187.17 million from N8.07 million in 2016.
It, however, noted that manufactured goods imports declined in the fourth quarter by 0.28 per cent (N1,209.9 billion) in comparison to the third quarter, 2017 (N1,213.3 billion).
It stated that figures in the third quarter grew by 10 per cent in comparison to fourth quarter, 2016 (N1,099.5 billion).
For 2017, it stated that imported manufactured products decreased by 0.06 per cent to N4,642.4 billion from N4,645.1 billion in 2016.
In addition, the report stated that other oil product imports were 48.86 per cent lower in value in fourth quarter than third quarter, 2017, and 46.5 per cent lower than the value recorded in fourth quarter of 2016.
For full year 2017, according to the report, other oil product imports increased by 5.93 per cent over 2016.

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