Nigerians unhappy with lingering fuel crisis

Nigerians are not happy with the lingering fuel scarcity being experienced in some parts of the country.
Many consumers have deplored the development, adding that it did not speak well of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.
While lamenting the situation, some said fuel and light that were the most essential in a developing country had become terribly scarce.
Following the Senate investigation, the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, had constituted various committees towards solving fuel crisis, adding that they were ready to co-operate with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to solve fuel crisis.
A visit to Kubwa area of Abuja by DAILY POST showed that no fuel station sold fuel on Monday.
It was observed that black marketers were seen selling fuel for N300 per litre without any action from the authorities.
Reacting to the lingering fuel scarcity and the untold hardship, angry Nigerians said that the situation got worse, since former president Goodluck Jonathan exited office.
Expressing their displeasure, some said the President had turned blind eye to the development, recalling his promise that fuel would be sold as low as N45 per litre if he was voted in 2015.
Mohammed Manga, said that the worsening fuel scarcity had affected his business. He said,  “I spent hours at the station trying to get fuel, but to no avail. How do you expect the common man to endure for so long?”
Mercy Itiba said, “This scarcity is so annoying. I had to pack my car for public transport, because I can’t afford to wait for this queue.”
David Israel said, “Buhari keeps shouting change, is this the petrol he promised us for N45 per litre? Look at black marketers everywhere. Yesterday, I bought for N300 per litre. This madness must not be allowed to continue.”
Orisa Arig said, “Nigerian leaders go to the USA, UK and many other countries. They see how the basic social amenities are available to citizens, like good roads, water, light, yet they come back to Nigeria and act like its normal for Nigerian not to experience good life.”
James Chonsy, “Buhari has failed us. How do you explain that you have money, but can’t even get basic things like fuel.”
Maria Godson, “Sometimes I just think Buhari forgets so soon. What was the rationale behind making himself the petroleum minister? Is it not to make sure that a crisis like this does not happen?”

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