Nigeria tops our business priority – French delegation

A delegation of the Movement of French Business (MEDEF), the first network of entrepreneurs in France, has said that Nigeria would continue to attract more French companies.
The Head of the Delegation, Phillip Labonne, said at a news conference, in Lagos, on Wednesday, that Nigeria would continue to be a land of investment and opportunities for French companies.
The Vice-Chairman of the Africa Committee of MEDEF International also said that the delegation was in Nigeria to assess the situation and business opportunities in the country.
“Nigeria is and will continue to be a priority for our organisation. Let me also say that Nigeria is a priority for other French companies.
“We are here again to know what is currently going on in Nigeria. We have been to Nigeria five times now, because we see Nigeria as a leading country in Africa.
“Our delegation is composed of a 30-participant business mission, representing large, medium and small-sized companies interested in the many opportunities offered by the Nigerian market,’’ he said.

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