Niger Delta youths demand oil and gas colony

The Niger Delta Youth Leadership Forum (PANDLEAF) has asked the federal government to establish an oil-and-gas colony in the region.
Speaking at the inauguration of the Bayelsa state chapter of PANDLEAF, in Yenagoa, on Saturday, its president of the forum, Richard Akinaka, said that if the government wanted colony for cattle, the Niger Delta people also needed one for oil and gas.
The government had proposed colonies as a solution to the crisis between herdsmen and farmers.
On Friday, Audu Ogbeh, minister of agriculture, said that the colonies would take effect next week .
But Akinaka said that if herdsmen wanted land, they should pay for it as it is the practised all over the world.
“As a people, we have taken that position that herdsmen are private business people. Some of us, who have private businesses, take private and personal responsibility to advance our business interests,” he said.
“If herdsmen want land and space to do their business, they should acquire them within any of the states and do their business as it is done elsewhere all over the world, where you have people get ranches for their cattle and people go there to buy cattle for consumption purposes.
“So, that is the best thing to do. Government does not need to buy land for a private businessman and all of that. But, if that is what the government wants to do, we are asking for oil and gas colony for our people too.
“We should be given extra reserve right to take full responsibility of our oil and gas industry, because that is our area; that is our environment.
“We suffer environmental problems. So, if they want colony for their cattle, we want colony for our oil and gas business,” Arinaka said.

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