NGO urges MDAs to pay attention to social needs

A non-governmental organisation, known as Community Action for Popular Participation (CAPP), has urged Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in Plateau State, to pay more attention to the social needs and community development while designing their policies.

Its acting Executive Director, Nelson Ananze gave the advice on Saturday at a State Level High Policy Dialogue on Community Development Charter (CDCS) it organised in Jos.

He said that the dialogue was to present a document on the needs of some of the communities there,  and added that the forum would also help the MDAs to plan well and assign projects, in accordance with the priority needs of the benefiting communities.

According to him, “the essence of this dialogue is to intimate and present a document on needs of some of the communities we are working in.

“We went into the communities and identified some of their challenges, which we documented and we want to present them today to the various MDAs to see how they can infuse them in their policy plans and budgets.

“This will go a long way to help the MDAs to know the needs of the communities, so as to know the areas that need urgent attention and the ones that can come under their long term plans,” he added.

He noted that government should not just allocate projects to communities, because these communities have myriads of challenges, noting that there were priorities that needed urgent attention.

“For instance, if the immediate need of a community is water, and government decide to construct road for them, they may not appreciate it, as they would, if it was water that is provided,” Ananze said.

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