Med-View suspends Dubai operations

Med-View Airline PLC, on Tuesday, suspended its Dubai flight operation till March 25, as part of measures to adjust its international operations and reposition them for better performance and consistency.
The Dubai operation, which was launched on November 11 last year, was suspended till March, when the airline’s aircraft B767-300 ER under refurbishment, would have returned to service.
Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the airline, Muneer Bankole, disclosed this while briefing journalists, saying passengers who had already booked with the airline would be airlifted via another airline through inter-line arrangements. The briefing came against the backdrop of last Friday’s cancellation of London flight with the airline alleging sabotage by Gatwick Airport authorities and the ground handling service which withdrew its services without prior notice.
Bankole told journalists that the airline had been consistent with its financial obligations with the service providers in UK, saying the ground handling providers, Menzies, had “no basis to do what they did.”
He disclosed that the airline had issues with its European partners over aircraft leased from them, which, he said, has not been meeting the requirement in terms of providing the necessary capacity.

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