LASG woos private sector to agric business, says Lagos residents consume N5 trillion worth of food annually

The Lagos State Government has disclosed that it is wooing the organised private sector for partnership in the area of Agriculture sector value chain development in livestock feed mills, fisheries and red meat.
The disclosure was made by the State Commissioner for Agriculture, Ms Abisola Olusanya, in a statement on Sunday in Lagos.
Acccording to her,  the scheme was in line with the State’s five-year strategic agriculture roadmap, as the State identified the 3 main sectors for value chain disruption.
She noted that massive investment in the sectors would also ensure job creationfor the industry and boost the State’s GDP growth, through Private Sector collaboration, noting that residents consume over N5 trillion worth of food annually.
“The objective is to stimulate and encourage more public-private partnerships in the three value chains,” she said.
“When you consider this pool of transactions happening in Lagos, it shows that we are the market. For instance, we demand over 400,000 metric tons of fish on an annual basis.
“But our fishermen and our aquaculture farmers are only able to produce just about 174,000 metric tons with deficit of 200,000 metric tons,” she added.
Speaking further, she stated that  the state has 9,000 artisanal fishermen, adding that this brings more youths into the space will increase the level of fish and seafood being harnessed from our water bodies.
“Lookin gat the transactional value on an annual basis, the fisheries sector is worth well over N120billion,” Olusanya added.

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