Lagos will be Africa’s model mega city – Ambode

Lagos Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode has said that by 2025, the state will be Africa’s model mega city.
He added that the South West state will be a  global, cconomic and financial hub that is safe, secure, functional and productive.
The Governor stated this at the ongoing roundtable discussion with business stakeholders titiled: Lagos means business at the HEko Hotel and Suites, Lagos.
“By 2025, Lagos will be Africa’s Model Megacity. A global, economic and financial hub that is Safe, Secure, Functional and Productive. This event presents a platform for all concerned stakeholders to chat a path for the future of Lagos without any sentiment.The challenges of Lagos is enormous and it demands a strategic and proactive approach.
He also stated that almost half of the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) is used for the payment of salaries including pensions and gratuities, as a result; government is expected to explore the economic potentials of the State to meet the needs of the citizenry.
Speaking on the issue sorrunding Land Use Charge, Ambode said: “The good part of the arguments trailing the Lagos Land Use Charge is that the State Government is ready for dialogue and will welcome the complains of dissatisfied members of the public in this regard.
“Land Use Charges are only paid by commercial property owners. Pensioners, Owner occupiers, NGOs, churches and Mosques are exempted from the payment of Land Use Charge.
He also pointed that if the vision of a prosperous Lagos is to be achieved, the state must retreat from borrowing to finance its infrastructure and pay back later in the future with high interest rate.
“This administration has decided to focus on 3 key areas of Power, Education and transport as a way of affecting other sectors of the society indirectly. The challenges of Lagos is enormous and it demands a strategic and proactive approach. Lagos state government needs structured corporate social responsibility targeted at initiatives that will be mutually beneficial to private sector and government.
Speaking on the payment of tax, the Governor urges the business owners to pay their taxes in order to move the state forward.
“We are not true citizens until we become responsible tax payers. Business owners paying Land Use Charge should see it as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities.”
He also assured every Lagosians that he will make their taxes work for them with a transparent and incorruptible government with good value for taxes paid.
“We cannot retrench civil servant. They are only about 103,000 taking care of 24million people. They help to keep the social fabric together.
“Citizens should have a change of orientation on how government properties are handled. The properties should be protected so that resources expended on repairs could be channeled to other areas of needs.

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