Keystone Bank upgrades digital banking system, introduces ‘KeyMobile’

Keystone Bank Limited has upgraded its digital banking system by launching truly customer-centric mobile application – ‘KeyMobile’ .
A statement by the bank said the upgrade is in demonstration of its commitment to deliver excellent banking services to its teeming customers nationwide.
The bank also stressed the need for ranchless banking in response to the new realities of the corona virus (COVID-19) global pandemic.
Speaking on the features of the Mobile App, the bank said: “With the new KeyMobile App, customers can now reactivate or upgrade their accounts by uploading the required documents online, they can equally open new accounts within 2minutes and get their debit cards delivered within 48hours.
“Transaction limits can also be increased or set to the customers preferred amount instantly using pin, debit card, token or customer indemnity.
“Apart from allowing customers to withdraw cash from ATMs without the use of cards (careless withdrawals), KeyMobile also provide customers the option to schedule cash withdrawal or deposit requests at their nearest Keystone bank agent/branch locations thereby reducing their travel and wait time to withdraw or deposit cash.
“To help customers manage their investments and expenses, the bank introduced the self-booking and liquidation of fixed deposits, scheduled bills payments, standing orders, cheque deposits and request features in the new App.
“To promote inclusive Banking, customers can now send money to non-account holders through their phone numbers and beneficiary redeem the fund from their nearest Keystone bank branch or agent locations. Money can be sent to multiple beneficiaries with a single click,” the bank said.
To guard against fraud, the bank said that the App can disable cards and accounts, change, or reset their transaction PIN if fraud is suspected.
“KeyMobile also enables customers to interact online with the bank’s service staff for enquiries and complaints, to report dispense errors on ATM, POS, WEB and get real-time resolution.
“The App is not only about seamless and enjoyable customer experience, it also about giving customers instant financial rewards when they refer their friend’s/family members to download the app,” the statement added.

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