Investors are not confident to invest in Nigeria yet – IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that Nigeria still attracts investors.
The Senior Financial Sector Expert, Debt and Capital Market Instruments Division, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, IMF, Miriam Tamene, said this, in a statement issued by Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) management, in Abuja.
Tamene noted that the IMF was pleasantly surprised to receive numerous indication of interest by investors eager to invest in Nigeria.
She, however, stated that many of them still nursed the fear that they may not be able to retrieve their funds anytime they decide to exit.
She, therefore, urged monetary and regulatory authorities in Nigeria to roll out policies that would bring down the inflation rate in the country, as well as increase access to domestic funds.
This, Tamene noted, would ensure that the economy attained further growth in 2018.
“At the annual meetings of IMF, we were pleasantly surprised when we saw many investors interested in the Securities Market in Nigeria,” the statement read.
“A lot of people thought that Nigeria is still investors destination, the main concerns most of them had was the fear that they may not be able to take out their money anytime they want to, hence they are being very watchful.”

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