Ebonyi, Jigawa and Benue states the most farming states in Nigeria- NBS

The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, has revealed that Ebonyi, Jigawa and Benue states have the highest percentage of crop, livestock and poultry agricultural farming households, respectively.

This was disclosed in the recently released National Agricultural Sample Census Report, 2022, by the National Bureau of Statistics.

The report stated that agricultural households in Nigeria stood at 40.2 million.

Accordingly, Ebonyi State had the highest number with 99.5 per cent of agricultural households in Crop Cultivation while Lagos State (48 per cent) recorded the least.

The highest percentage of agricultural households engaged in Livestock Production was recorded in Jigawa State with 84.2 per cent followed by Bauchi State with 79.7 per cent.

For Poultry, the highest percentage of agricultural households was recorded in Benue State with 65.2 per cent; closely followed by Ebonyi State with 63.3 per cent.

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