Fuel scarcity: Nigerians praise Osinbajo for selfless leadership

Nigerians have commended Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo (SAN), for his selfless leadership during the fuel crisis at Christmas period.
Osinbajo engaged with citizens in queues and workers at the petrol sations during the visit.
On different social medial platforms and online blogs, some expressed gratitude to Osinbajo for his exemplary leadership during this period.
“The man has tried; let him rest a little,” one commenter mentioned on a popular blog.
On another online news website, a Nigerian, who described himself as patriot1, commented on the VP’s short vacation: “That’s very timely VP, you have earned it by all means. Go. Recharge yourself because you have been very active since the inception of this government.”
However, it had been a very busy period for Osinbajo. When President Muhammadu Buhari was on medical vacation, the VP held forte at the helm as Acting President. 
An online medium rightly noted that, “It is a common joke at the Presidential Villa, whenever the vice-president was chairing any meeting, especially, the Federal Executive Council (FEC), that “people will be here all day.”
Since the inception of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in May 2015, Osinbajo has shown exemplary leadership qualities several times.
His leadership mettle was in full display during the Christmas period when, instead of going on a well-deserved break for the yuletide, Osinbajo was still busy working tirelessly.
During Christmas eve and Christmas Day, Isinvajo he shunned the usual merry and relaxation with family and friends, as he went round fuel stations and depots in Lagos State to find a way to ease the hardship caused by the fuel scarcity.
During this period, Osinbajo also held different meetings with major oil marketers to resolve the fuel crisis. “Within the next few days, we expect the fuel queues to be eliminated. We will continue to engage the marketers, so that this sad episode is not repeated,” he said.
Soon after he waded into the crisis in the oil sector, a chain of events followed as the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Minister of Petroleum and the Federal Government made concerted efforts to end the fuel shortage nationwide. Finally, Nigerians were able to heave sighs of relief as the queues at filling stations gradually abated.
Osinbajo’s model leadership – meeting and mingling with the citizenry at the point of their needs – was not lost on many Nigerians, who praised him for showing empathy with the people as pictures and footages showed him at fuel depots and stations went viral.
One commentator on Twitter described it as, “in-touch leadership, because symbolism matters.”
“His Excellency, your passion in trying to get things work in Nigeria is so evident,” Donalds Ngige wrote on Facebook. Meka James Ajanusi described the VP’s “willingness to reach out to Nigerians as “just awesome.”
Similarly, Ibe Ogbonnaya wrote on Facebook, “Your Excellency, you do a lot of damage control in this country, you reached out to the masses and that’s why you’re super awesome,” while Olaseeni Aina tagged Osinbajo as “a man of the people.” 

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