Farmers seeks support for UN’s Zero Hunger Programme in Nigeria

Farmers in Nigeria, under the Zero Hunger Commodity Associations, has urged governments, at all levels, to support the the Zero Hunger Nigeria Programme, to achieve its targets and objectives, particularly through farmer-friendly programmes.
The association, a subsidiary of the United Nations Committee – Zero Hunger Nigeria Forum – made the appeal in a communique issued to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Ilorin, on Sunday.
The communique came after its meeting held in Abuja.
It was signed by the National Coordinator of the association, Tunde Arosanyin.
The farmers’ group sought a collaboration with the Commodity Exchange Market of Nigeria and the Nigeria Export and Import Bank (NEXIM), so as to guarantee good returns on farm produce, locally and internationally.
It also urged that Research Institutions and Extension Services be adequately funded by the Federal Government and State Governments for effective performance of the agricultural sector.
It said that the meeting affirmed the association’s belief in the Agricultural Revolution Programmes of President Muhammadu Buhari through Green Alternative Roadmap as a veritable channel to improve agricultural production in Nigeria.
The association, however, resolved that government should encourage appropriate implementation strategy that would be all- inclusive.
The body said that it appreciated the leadership qualities of Olusegun Obasanjo, the Chairman of the Zero Hunger Nigeria Forum, toward the development of the agricultural sector of the country’s economy.
NAN reports that Zero Hunger programme is the brainchild of the United Nations toward actualising the Substainable Development Goals from 2016 – 2030.

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