DPR sanctions 10 filling stations in Zamfara for price hike

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has sanctioned 10 petrol stations in Zamfara state for selling fuel above official pump price.
According to the Acting Controller of the department in Gusau, Saleh Audu,  told journalists, on Friday, that the DPR had visited 35 stations across the state in the past one week and discovered that 10 out of them were selling fuel above N145 per litre.
He added that three other stations were penalised for violating rules and regulations of the department.
He advised motorists to support the department to enable it carry out its duty effectively.
“Members of the public should assist us with information on malpractices by owners of filling stations that sell fuel above official pump price, under dispensation, hoarding and diversion, among others.”

Increase in price

The Chairman, Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN), Gusau Depot Branch, Alhaji Sirajo Kamba, however, said that the increase in pump price followed unilateral decision by private depots to increase price of the commodity.
“Most of the stations selling above official price are getting it from private depots. We got the product at between N144 and N145 per liter from such depots as against N133 directed by the government.,” he said.

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