Customs to hold terminal operators responsible for unremitted revenues – Comptroller

The Nigeria Customs Service on Friday told all terminal operators at Murtala Muhammed Airport that they would be liable for any unremitted revenue to the coffers of the Federal Government.
Jayne Shoboiki, Comptroller of Customs, Lagos Airport Command, gave the warning while inspecting facilities at the Cargo Terminal of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.
“We are interested in ensuring that duties meant for the government are collected. We are not going to tolerate revenue loss due to the negligence of DHL or any other terminal operators.
“Unutilised airway bills will be looked into, and consignments are not meant to go out to the customer without duty payment.
“In a situation where DHL or any other terminal operators has allowed such to happen, then, we will make sure they account for the duty that was meant to be paid into the coffers of the government,” she said.
Shoboiki said that operators would be held liable for the payment into the government’s account for goods released without clearance and declaration.
“This is because every consignment that goes out must have a declaration from the Customs, and duties must be paid on them.
“Where these were not done, we are going to hold the terminal operators liable for that and of course, they will have to pay for the duties.
“I have explained this to other terminal operators such as the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) and the Skyway Aviation Handling Company Ltd (SAHCOL), and this is the same thing I told them,” she said.
Shoboiki said Customs’ evaluation officers were already working on the issue and would soon be meeting individually with the operators to reconcile the payments.
She expressed her readiness to block any identified loopholes to shore up the revenue accruing to government from the command.
“There will always be loopholes, but I can assure you that those loopholes, whether they have to do with my officers or terminal operators, they will all be blocked.
“For instance, stealing of cargoes by agents due to the transfer from operator to another must be stopped.
“These consignments are being transferred, but they don’t get to the transfer operators’ shed.
“However, since my assumption in office last week, I have called the terminal operators, telling them that if you are going to apply to me that goods are to be transferred from either NAHCO to SAHCOL, they are going to have escorts.
“But if you are to use the agents, you will need to take care of the liability. If the transferred goods do not get to the terminal, then you are going to be liable.
“This is how we can recover our revenue,” Shoboiki said.

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