Closure of borders will cause stagnation of Nigerian economy, says ex-CBN official

A former Director of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr Titus Okunrounmu, has warned that the closure of country’s borders would exacerbate the stagnation of the economy.

Okunrounmu, who served as director in the department of Budgetary of the bank, told newsmen on Tuesday in Ota, Ogun, that the closure would stifle economic growth of the country.

The Federal Government had in August 19 shut down the country’s land and sea borders as a proactive measure in checking cases of insecurity in the country.

According to him, shutting down of borders will further complicate economic challenges as the nation is still importing a lot of goods into the country.

“Closing the nation’s borders is not the solution to our economic under development,” he said.

Okunrounmu explained that the economy will continue to be stagnant because the smugglers would find alternative means of bringing their goods into the country and warned that the trend would negatively affect revenue generation.

“The nation is missing a lot of revenues on a daily basis to the smugglers because of the closure of the borders, ” he said.

He urged the Federal Government to take steps to develop the economy by looking inwards to proffer solutions to the immediate problems affecting the economy.

Okunrounmu said that for such policy to effectively work, the nation will have to be self sustaining in the provision of domestic goods.

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