Cisco Partners Google Cloud For Hybrid Cloud Deployments

It and networking giant, Cisco will partner with Google Cloud in developing hybrid cloud offerings for enterprise customers.
According to the companies, the hybrid cloud offering  will enable applications and services to be deployed, managed and secured across on-premises environments and the Google Cloud Platform.
According to reports, the offer is expected to help organisations optimize their existing investments, plan their cloud migration at their own pace and avoid vendor lock-in.
Using the same developer tools, run time, and production environment, customers will have a choice of developing new applications in the cloud or on-premises.


Features will include policy-based Kubernetes orchestration and lifecycle management of resources, applications and services across hybrid environments and access to real-time network and application performance monitoring and automation.
Service management with Istio provides an open-source method to connect, secure, manage and monitor microservices.
In addition, developers will have access to Google’s Apigee enterprise-class API management to enable legacy workloads running on premises to connect to the cloud through APIs, while Cisco’s DevNet Developer Center provides tools and resources for cloud and enterprise developers to code in hybrid environments. The companies will provide joint technical support for the platform.
The companies say the platform will be available to a limited number of customers during the first part of 2018, general availability is however planned later in the year.

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