Vitafoam Nigeria Plc sets to launch marketing campaign to boost revenue

Vitafoam Nigeria Plc has said that it would soon launch a national marketing and campaign on the relationship between body mass and mattress to promote healthy living, widen customer base and boost its return on investment.

Already, the company has concluded arrangements to flag off its “Buy Right” campaign that covers mattresses for six distinct categories of body weight, ranging from under 50kg to all weight categories.

Addressing reporters in Lagos, Group Managing Director, Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, Mr Taiwo Adeniyi said that the company decided to educate the entire public on the need to consider body weight before purchasing mattresses in view of the health challenges of using wrong foams.

He said the company’s new move was borne out of empirical facts and obligation to create awareness as part of its corporate social responsibilities (CSR).

According to him, many people have suffered from health challenges because of disparity between their body weight and the mattress they use.

“Our actions are based on empirical facts and not intuition. Some people just buy mattresses on the basis of their pocket. We have found out that there is a need to have basis for buying. One of the questions that our outlets ask customers is their body weight and there are scales to measure it for proper guidance,” Adeniyi said.

He noted that there is a direct relationship between productivity and healthy sleep pointing out that what one sleeps on determines what one’s day may look like.

“Bad mattress causes bad dream. People do not bother about what they sleep on. But a lot of health challenges come along. We are taking our campaign, scheduled for three months to both urban and rural areas. We can customize our products to body mass, “ Adeniyi said.

By the company’s categorisation, people that are under 50kg should go for Vita Shine mattress, up to 70kg, Vita Grand and Vita Corona, up to 100kg, Vita Haven, Vita Supreme and Spring Flex, above 100kg, Vita Spring Firm, up to 120, Vita Sizzier and all weight categories which is not suitable for children, Vita Twill, Vita Galaxy Orthopedic and Galaxy Classic.

According to Adeniyi, the new development on body weight as a basis for purchase of mattress is a result of the company’s continuous improvement on its existing product categories. He explained that the new categorization of mattresses by body weight did not affect their existing prices.

“We are good corporate citizen. We are not increasing the prices of our products as a result of our proposed awareness creation on the link between a mattress and body weight. This is part of our ways of giving back to the society. Our stakeholders are assured of superior return on investment. We have a way of measuring the contribution of every product line to the company’s bottom line,” Adeniyi said.

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