Onne Customs will meet N11bn monthly revenue target- Official

The new Customs Area Controller in Port Harcourt Area ll Command Onne, Rivers State, Comptroller Auwal Baba Mohammed says efforts are on top gear with a view to meeting the Command’s monthly target of N11 billion.

“This Command has a revenue target of over N11billion monthly. This means that, at least, we must meet a daily target of about N500 million. This will be done with the cooperation of everyone here. I have a mantra, the Due Process, and I am going to launch it soon. Due process means doing the right thing at all times. Once things are done properly within the limit of the law, there won’t be any problem, there won’t be any trouble and there won’t be anything hindering our revenue generation,” he said.

He also urged compliance by Customs officers and stakeholders to realise the target. He urged stakeholders, especially importers and agents, to be truthful in their declarations.

According to him, once there is sincere declaration, the problems are almost solved because the clearing system is programmed in such a way that an importer can finish clearing his cargo before the arrival of the cargo. This means that once an importer gets Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR), he can proceed to make payment of duty so long as he has made true declaration, he said.

“It will not take 24 hours for Customs to conduct proper examination of the cargo and if it tallies with what you declared, your cargo will be released to you. Where we have delay and bottleneck is where we don’t have true declaration and that is the lack of compliance. Once an agent or importer makes proper declaration, the Customs officer will be happy to conduct examination and perform his duty. There won’t be delay and there will be trade facilitation. Our examination officers are not going to compromise 100 percent examination, no matter the volume of cargo, no matter the packs in the container or parcel of package, we will go ahead to conduct 100 percent examination to ensure that what you declared and paid for is what you are carrying as your cargo,” Mohammed said.

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